Smart one has the features of a reading lamp. It can charge
Tablet PC, Smart phone and other electronic Devices from solar energy,
1.0A adapter and USB port for charging. Solar panel with 4.0W can produce 800mA electric power per hour by sun. High-capacity battery (7,000 mA) equipped inside product and can be exchanged. Specifically Smart ONE can use in outdoor charging, climbing, fishing, traveling, camping and etc.. It is a very useful product in your life.
I-pad, Galaxy-Tab, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Iphone, Sky, Sony-Ericson, Black berry, NTT Docomo, Softbank, AU, MP3, MP4, PMP, etc.
(Should need an appropriate charging connector depends on a mobile phone or other electronics)
Especially charging Ipad, Tablet, PC, etc
Features Solar & USB charging / LED lamps / Power linker of Cell Phone from the USB port / USB Memory drive Micro SD/SDHC card reader / 25g, 27.6X73X13
Solar cell 0.12watt, 5.0volt, 30 (1sun, 25 )
Internal battery Li-polymer, 3.7volt, 350mA
Input Power USB-5.0volt, Solar-5.0volt
Output Power 4.2~5.0volt, Max 1.0A, DC3.5Φ connector (Depends on the Mobile Phone)
Continious Talking Time 90~100 Minutes (Depends on the Mobile Phone)
Standby Time Over 25~35 hours (Depends on the Mobile Phone)
Charging : Solar or Electricity Smart One Battery
  5V, 4W Solar Module Equipped
800mA Electricity produce in an hour
After charging 3~4hours it is possible to full charging 1 Smart phone
  5V 500mA charging
Charging through USB port of Laptop or PC.
It takes 14hours by supply the cable

1.0A Adapter charging – Takes mare than 7hours
* Adapter is for optional

Discharging : Smart One Battery Charging Electronic Machines
Other available charging machines : Camera, Game Machine, PMP,MP3 and other 5V Machines

- 240Lux brightness

- 3 level brightness control

- Min. 30hours ~ Max. 100hours possible to use

- Very useful in outdoor such as Camping, Climbing

- Fishing, Hiking, Traveling, etc.