Smart Solar-Ro is a direct charging solar generator with a capacity of 900mAH solar power and can charge mobile phone, tablet pc and 5V electronic devices. Solar panel can produce electricity of 4.5W (900mAH) from sun and especially charge smart phones like electricity at the outdoors. You can also optimize the amount of solar power depending on the angle of sunlight. It was created a product by considering user convenience - Lightweight, Easy-to-carry and Easily charging. Specifically Smart Solar-Ro can use in outdoor charging, climbing, fishing, traveling, camping, etc. It is a very useful product in your life.  
Company LSTech Co., Ltd.
Features Solar charging & Tablet PC & Smart phone charging / 5V Electronic devices charging/USB Female port
Specifications 200g, 230x140x15mm
Solar panel NO Battery
Internal battery Solar charging -max 0.9A 5volt
Input Power Solar charging-max 0.9A 5volt
Output Power 5.0 volt, Max 0.9Amp, USB Female
Charging time Depend on intensity of SUN Light
Available mobile
phone and digital
I-pad, Galuxy-Tab, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Iphone, Sky, Sony-Ericson, Black berry,
NTT Docomo, Softbank, AU, MP3, MP4, PMP, etc..
(Should need an appropriate charging connector depends on a mobile phone or other electronics)
  [Notice]Smart Solar-Ro do not have a battery of the energy storage capabilities because of direct charging from sunbeam.If you want to saving energy in internal battery, must be used Configured product of a set of separate auxiliary battery.
Measurement data of Smart Solar-Ro
Items Items Result value
Open-circuit voltage(Voc) 6.0V
Short-circuit current(Isc) 0.97A
Maximum output (Pmax) 4.5W
최Maximum output voltage (Vmp) 5.0Vmp
Maximum output current (Imp) 0.90lmp
Fill factor (FF) 72.3%
Efficiency solar modules (Meff) 18.0%
Test Condition : 1Sun, 25℃,100,000Lux